Listen Into Ease and Comfort with Sound B.E.A.T.S.

A Modulated Music Program: bringing balance and harmony into the body. 

Hi... Shelley here,  

....and I want to share something really amazing with you.  

Have you ever had concerns that your child was bothered by certain sounds, possibly even painful hearing?  

Does your child get easily overstimulated in noisy environments?  

Or perhaps you have concerns that they are just not hearing clearly.  

This is a very common problem that I have heard over and over again.  

For years I have witnessed children coming into my practice with significant sound sensitivities, auditory confusion, and a number of other hearing/ listening concerns.  

I know how upsetting this can be.  

You see your child struggling to understand what you are saying...

...or you see them suffering and avoiding situations such as birthday parties, movies, classroom activities, and a number of other fun events  

...and you are frustrated because no one seems to know what to do to help your child.  

Or perhaps you have been given options on what to do, but the programs are too expensive, and too time consuming.

You want that life where you can watch your child experiencing the joys of childhood.  

You want them to feel comfortable socializing and making friends.  

You want them to be able to play ball, ride bikes, dance, or play sports.  

...or... maybe you just want them to be comfortable in their own body.  

The physical awkwardness as well as the social awkwardness, could all be due to sensory processing difficulties that your child may be experiencing.  

...and the answer is...harmonizing and balancing the physical senses in order to bring order and connection to the physical world.  

What if you had a tool that could do this?  

A simple program that you could do at home, at your convenience, that would actually help your child feel more comfortable and better connected to their own body.  

...a program that not only helps your child tolerate loud sounds and noise better, but that actually improves their ability to hear more clearly.  

Imagine getting the benefit of organizing and integrating your child's sensory system all at one time and with one program.  

My own brother grew up with an undiagnosed auditory processing disorder...

...which included sound sensitivities as well as a number of other sensory sensitivities.  

In 1992 I treated my brother with a listening program... ...and it quite simply turned his life around.  

It was a significant moment for me. I saw real change happen for someone I love, right before my eyes.  

At one point he looked at me and said, with a confused look on his face, because he never knew any thing different... he said...  

"you know...I still can hear all the noise, but it sounds like clear noise and it is not bothering me at all...and I am not having any trouble uderstanding you"  

...and we were in a very loud and noisy restaurant at the time...a place that ordinarily he would not have lasted any longer than it would have taken him to quickly swallow all his food.  

Not only that...  

Shortly after completing the program, he was feeling so good and so confident...  

That he decided to go back to college at the age of 29.  

His previous attempts at college resulted in a lot of frustration, and many failures... ...but this time it was different  

He graduated with a degree in anthropology just 5 years later.  

I was so inspired by the success this program had on my brother...and that wasn't all.  

I continued to see progress with the children in my practice.  

Over and over again I would hear from parents with such amazing stories as...  

non verbal children from ages 2 to 5, saying their first the story of Amanda who was diagnosed autistic at age 2.  

When I first met her she was 2 1/2 with no words and extremely shy and frightened by not only noises, but any change in the environment.  

Her improvements were immediate. She began saying words right away, and by the time she was 5, she was able to start kindergarten without a label.  

...and years later I heard from her mom, thanking me again for helping Amanda...and now she wanted me to know that she had graduated from college.

And how about Kristen who in the 11th grade, wanted to drop out of highschool. After the program she began looking at colleges, excited to graduate and continue her education.

And the gains I have seen in auditory processing development, speech and language development and decreased sound sensitivities...just don't stop there...  

...I have also witnessed remarkable gains in areas such as...  

  • Riding a 2 wheel bike for the first time ( several from kids ages 10 and older)  
  • Potty training...finally!  
  • Getting a hair cut without crying or even having their hair combed  
  • Socially wanting to go to parties, talk on the phone, volunteering at school and getting more involved with extra curricular activities  
  • Improvements in sports, dance, etc...  
  • Improvements in attention span and the ability to focus  
  • Doing their homework faster and understanding concepts quicker  
  • Being able to tell a story in a more organized way  
  • Following multi step directions  
  • Increased sense of humor and more social interaction  
  • And the list goes on...just too much to even try and remember  

The point is... 

...this program has been the most successful program I have ever used in my practice  

...and has even been improved  

In fact this program has been so successful for so many years, by so many people, that it has been recreated over and over again...  

...and now I have made it available for you 

But this isn't just another listening program

You see...  

I really feel strongly that this is such a powerful tool...

...and... parents really benefit from being supported during the process I had to create it with two very important features  

1. I had to use positive uplifting music  


2. I had to include support, so that you would have the confidence in knowing you had an experienced professional guiding you and available for questions.

This is so important...


"Shelley worked with our daughter with a 10 day music therapy followed by one on one session. After two months our daughter was able to start hearing the sounds better. She was then ready to start learning to read. It was truly a wonderful experience to watch. After three months our daughter was more confident and happy."-Melinda

This gives you the opportunity to really understand what the process is and how you can best support your child both during and after the program.  

This will assure you that you are getting the best results possible...  

...and that is what I want for you and your child.  

We will also be able to discuss next steps as well as any other concerns that you may have.

I don't want you to feel overwhelmed...I want you to know that I will be available to you for support. 

Isn't it great to know that you will have a heartfelt profesional right there with you, answering your every question?  

So here is what you will be receiving...  

1) Three 1 on 1 calls with me to discuss the program, what to expect, and how to best administer it.  

It is actually quite simple...all your child has to do is listen to this specially designed modulated music with headphones for 30 minutes.  

During this time you can do easy activities with them that can range from doing puzzles to tossing a ball, or even getting a light massage.  

We can discuss the different activities that would be best for your child during our first call  

2) Then you will receive 2 more 30 minute calls suggested to be used in the middle of the program and then at the completion of the program  

3) The program consists of 20 thirty minute sessions spread out across 10 days. (2 a day for ten straight days)  

And remember...  

You also get me...  


I want to be with you on this journey and help you get the most out of this program!


You get...  

20 thirty minute listening sessions 3 thirty minute calls with me ...and all the possible benefits previously discussed  

I have been delivering this program for more than 25 years at the cost of $1150.00  

...and now I want to offer or to you for $587.00  

I am doing this because I really want to make this program available to families that may have not been able to afford it before...  


due to the amount of time involved, I will not be able to make this offer available for long.  

I am truly excited to be offering this program to you now in the convenience of your own home